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德國著名品牌McGee在HiFI和PA產品上傾力耕耘20餘年。 重點始終是聲音。

 在 PA 和 HiFi 這兩個領域,研發始終發揮著重要作用。

 從 90 年代初開始,McGee 生產尖端的 PA 功率放大器,並在世界各地銷售。

 同時開發了一款名為 Dream 的 HiFi Tube 放大器。 該產品在 HiFi 雜誌中以最高分通過大量測試而出名。

 其合乎邏輯的結果是 PA 功率放大器具有兩個主要目標,即功率和出色的聲音。 因此它們也可以用作家庭 HiFi 設備。



為了刷新對家庭 HiFi 的關注,開發了使用新技術 WiFi 和藍牙的新產品。


The famous German brand McGee is working energetically on HiFI and PA products for more than 20 years.

The focus is and always was on the sound.

In both sectors PA as well as HiFi, research and development always played an important role.

Starting in the early 90s, McGee produced cutting edge PA power amplifiers and distributed them all over the world.

At the same time a HiFi Tube amplifier, called Dream, was developed.

This product became famous by a lot of tests with best scores in HiFi magazines.

The logical consequence of that were PA power amplifiers with 2 main ambitions, power and excellent sound.

So they also could be used as home HiFi equipment.

The production at that time was in Germany and Europe, known for highest quality.

Since many years there is a strong cooperation with our Chninese Partner including the relocation of the production to China without any loss of quality.

In order to refresh the focus on Home HiFi new products were developed using the new technologies WiFi and Bluetooth.

We are proud to present our longtime developments results as follows.